Rage Face Cakes + Cookies

Rage Face Comics are seem to be the only way to communicate on the internets at the moment. Every day there is a new crassly scrawled MS cartoon face that makes its way into 4 panel comics and our everyday visual vernacular. They are like the modern day simelys that actually tell a story. Unfortunately these emotive images are now so ingrained into the way I communicate that I’ve have to really try to stop myself using them in work emails. Some are just so expressive it’s tricky to find the words to replace them; try finding a suitable substitute for ಠ_ಠ …thesaurus Y U NO understand me?!

Anyway I decided to go for a bit of a hunt round the interblag for some charming cake versions of these whimsical and culturally relevant character and came upon a concoction of cakes and cookies. Some are pretty decent, most are god awful but all are pretty charming in their own way. At some point I plan to make a series of cuppy cakes with these guys on, maybe making them into edible comics, but for now just check these guys out. If you know of more then send them over, I’d love to add them in.


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